New generations of employees, changes in office cultures and especially the work from home trend have made managers evaluate themselves and examine if their management strategy is bringing the results they want. Bad leadership reverses your growth, increases employee turnover and decreases the overall productivity of the workforce. Here are five signs which warrant a change in your management and leadership strategy:

1. Poor Performance and Burnout

A decrease in work performance, either yours or your teams, is a sign that your management style is no longer effective. It can happen because you delegate tasks without fully identifying the talents of each individual in your team. Or you assign too much work that eventually leads to burnout. Strategic Management principles are useful to counter this. To be a great manager you need to achieve the company goals without sacrificing your employees’ health and productivity.

2. Things Falling Through the Cracks

When there is a lack of effective communication, things will be overlooked and unattended to. It is usually a sign of a manager’s incompetence to manage the team. Your company will suffer when your employees are not clear on what their responsibilities are and projects will run late due to insufficient oversight.[3]

3. Your Team Lacks Motivation

Leaders need to consider the human part of the workforce or dare I say their feelings. The lack of recognition or appraisals from your end when an employee does a good job can decrease motivation. If your team has stopped enjoying their work, take it as a sign to switch up your leadership style and start appreciating your team for all their hard work.

4. Your Employees Fear You

One of the top signs of bad management is when your team is afraid of you. Instilling fear kills productivity and you lose the respect of your employees. To learn better approaches, you should acquire a Masters’ degree in Strategic Management and Leadership. During this masters’ program, you will gain the expertise to be a great leader to your employees.

5. You micromanage:

If you micromanage your team’s activity and ask for excessive updates, it is a sign of a weak management style. Management also involves hiring the right team and then trusting them to do a great job. Knowing how to strategically plan out the guidelines for the team so the quality of work remains uniform is an essential feature for a manager to have.


failure of management or leadership can have long-lasting effects if not handled at the right time. That’s why if you notice any of the signs mentioned above, take action to promptly rectify them. Strategic Management principles are there to bring the best out of a manager or a leader. Learn more about it in our masters’ program if you want to climb the professional ladder. Enroll today and open yourself to many new opportunities.