Short courses are a great way to acquire new skills or to refresh your existing skills. The course material is designed in such a way as to incorporate the theory behind the skill and the reasons why you need the skill. Courses are presented in such a way that students are easily able to relate to the content. The course content also contains numerous examples of how to apply the relevant skills in a practical environment. You can become a better employee by acquiring new skills or you can improve your CV by obtaining formal recognition for skills that you have gained through practical experience. Learn the basic skills you need that will launch your career and turn you into a professional in your field. Our Short Courses will help you succeed in the long run.

 Certificate in Banking ManagementCertificate in Commercial CreditCertificate in Advanced Mutual Funds AdviceCertificate in Advanced Investment Advice
Certificate in Securities Operations & Risk ManagementCertificate in Small Business BankingAdvanced Certificate in Estate Planning & Trust StrategyCertificate in Advanced Mutual Funds Advice
Certificate in Personal BankingCertificate in Depository OperationsAdvanced Certificate in Financial Services AdviceCertificate in Derivatives Market Strategies
Certificate in Merchant BankingCertificate in Estate Planning & Trust StrategyAdvanced Certification in Financial MarketsCertificate in Equity Trading & Sales

Not sure if you should study short courses? The benefits of enrolling into a one will be more than you can count. You’ll get a great deal of knowledge that will be enough to boost your career.  Improve your skills and become a professional in your field today.

Benefits of Studying Short Courses With us

Many people aim to study a degree or diploma course, thinking this is the only way to gain a quality education. Yet to study a Short Course could be just what your career needs. They are the stepping stones to a respected career.

Gain Skills in a Short Amount of Time

If you have a limited amount of time but you would like to gain valuable skills, then this is a great option for you. These courses focus on the most important knowledge need, teaching you the fundamentals on a topic or career you would like to excel in. 

What Skills Will I Learn in a Short Course?

The skills gained in these courses may seem limited, but they aim to give you the practical knowledge to complete daily tasks and become successful in your career. The skills gained may differ from course to course, so enroll with us today, and become a professional in your field.

INTERESTED? Please contact us to discuss your individual/group requirements and we will suggest the appropriate training course for you.