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The Apprentice
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The Professional
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Course 1: Advanced Price Action Strategies
 Course 2: Supply and Demand Strategies
 Course 3: Day Trading with Heiken Ashi
 Course 4: Trading as a Business
 Course 5: Stocks Swing Trading
 Course 6: 14 Indicator Strategies
 Course 7: Forex Beginner Course
 Course 8: Renko Trading System
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 Live webinar every week

 2 weekly watchlist videos! Complete Forex market breakdown
 We send you the best setups for the Forex, Futures & CFD market every Sunday and Wednesday
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 8 trading courses included
Course 1:   Risk Management strategies to protect 98% of your investment
 Course 2:   How to compound your investments, to increase your profits
 Course 3: Ways to boost your revenue from trading other people’s money
 Course 4: How and when the banks trade and how to spot when you should trade.
 Course 5: Psychology traits that our traders possess, allowing them to be consistently profitable.
 Course 6: How to take your Forex Trading skills to the next level and develop your trading style.
Course 7: Futures & CFD market every Sunday and Wednesday
 Course 8: Renko Trading System & charts (2 videos)
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 8 trading courses included
Course 1: Make full analysis over the market and choose the right currency pair to trade
 Course 2: Diversify the risk on a single trade into 3 different entries
 Course 3: Build the empty chart into a professional trading screen
 Course 4: Recognize the Fibonacci zone that is connected to the major trend
 Course 5: Open profitable trades with limited risk to the whole capital
 Course 6: Maximize the results and take the profit at the right moment
 Course 7: Trade in the direction of the trend, but taking the trade on the pullback
 Course 8: Enter into the trade on the impulsive break of the Counter-trend line
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8 Trading Courses Free  Included

Every masterclass student gets access to our 8 premium trading courses free and hundreds of hours of video analyses. After you have enrolled, you have instant access to all video courses and materials.

Advanced Price Action Strategies
Learn our advanced price action strategies for all markets and time frames.
Forex Beginner Course
This course teaches the basics of Forex trading for new traders. If you are a new trader, you can start with our other advanced courses after completing the beginner course.
Supply & Demand Strategies
Learn the secret of the big players and the smart money trades.
Renko Trading Strategies
A complete Renko based trading strategy with dozens of trade studies.
Heiken Ashi Day Trading Strategies.
Learn how this powerful trading system uses Heiken Ashi candles on the lower time frames.
Synthetic Indices Trading
Step by step, we teach you how to trade volatility, boom, crash, etc. even on weekends and become more professional.
Stocks Swing Trading Strategies
This course explains a swing trading strategy for all international stock markets.
5 Indicator Strategies
This course teaches 5 powerful trading strategies using various indicator combinations.

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