Top Job Websites to Secure a Job in Canada

Top Job Websites to Secure a Job in Canada

It’s no news that Canada is welcoming immigrants, skilled workers in particular to the nation. The task of getting an occupation in Canada from abroad can be overwhelming.

Initially, you need to decide if the employer has a positive labor market impact assessment (LMIA) and afterward just would you be able to apply for a work permit.

You may have to adjust your resume and plunge deep into the work market needs of Canada to find where your talents are needed.

However, no need to be worried! We’ve not just listed the lead 5 sites to get work in Canada, however, we’ve arranged an elite list of master tips on getting your fantasy job below!

Canadian Top 5 Job Sites

1. Canadian Job Bank

Category: It is Canada’s official government occupation site

Specific Attribute: Job Match, free to utilize

The Canadian Job Bank is perhaps the best site to get a new line of work in Canada, particularly if you are an Express Entry candidate. Employers in Canada who want to assist an international worker’s permanent residency application are urged to enlist foreign specialists through the Job Bank. The Job Match work interface connects qualified employers with Express Entry applicants. Applicants in the pool with a substantial employment offer can acquire 50 or 200 points dependent on the type of work.

2. Indeed Canada

Category: Global job-related search engine

Specific Attribute: Job aggregator and free to utilize

Indeed is the most popular site to find a job in the world. The site draws in a great number of employers in Canada yet more significantly, Indeed is an occupation aggregator, this implies it pulls occupations from career websites and grouped listings and showcases them on its own site. So possibilities are, if there is a job accessible in Canada, it will be posted on Indeed!

Both international workers and newcomers to Canada use Indeed for their job chasing to never miss out on opportunities. Top Canadian employers inside different enterprises, for example, medical care, transportation, and warehousing post steadily job listings on Indeed.

3. Monster Canada

Category: Canadian job platform

Specific Attribute: Video work advertisements, job fit scoring framework, free resume appraisal, and free to utilize

Monster Canada is one of the advanced developed job platform utilized all through Canada. The platform comes totally with an employment fit scoring system that shows which occupations are generally applicable to your skills and interest. You can likewise get a free resume assessment by an expert for tips on the most proficient method to make your resume more alluring to potential employers. How perfect?! What’s more, a few jobs are posted with a video to show you as opposed to disclose to you more about the job before you swipe the option to apply.

4. Workopolis

Category: Canadian employment stage

Specific Attribute: Offer employment services in French and English and is free to utilize

Workopolis is one of the most established and most notable Canadian job sites. The job site has an international worker search area that shows jobs focused on workers outside of Canada. Here you can secure jobs for live-in caregivers, farmworkers, clerks, and a lot of other sought-after jobs all through Canada. The occupation listings will demonstrate whether the employers have LMIA-documents to recruit international workers which eliminate all unpredictability from the job chasing process.

5. eJobbo

Category: Canadian occupation stage

Specific Attribute: Video occupation application, smart pairing system, associated with a visa office, and free to utilize.

eJobbo is another Canadian job platform with a developing information base of employers and enrollment specialists. The platform has a couple of interesting features, for example, a brilliant pairing system that works smartly to just show occupations that are generally compatible with your skills, experience, training, and other significant criteria. Another extraordinary component, particularly for international workers, is the video job application that empowers you to ‘sell yourself’ on record.

eJobbo is likewise associated with the Canadian Visa immigration and visa organization. That implies that if you apply with Canadian Visa for your work permit or permanent residency visa, you’ll naturally get a user-profile for eJobbo to begin your job pursuit while your visa application is being processed. If you want to work from home, you can also find easy work from home jobs here to help you earn more money.

Where to Look for Work ln Canada

You must apply standard job searching practices in order to find those positions and determine what location is desirable for you to work/live in. Once you have determined which region you would like to work in, review the opportunities on or in the selected region.  You can also do an advanced search using key words specific to your skill set or search by occupational areas.  If you find a position that interests you, you must apply directly to the employer as stated in the “How to Apply” section of the job order.  For more in-depth information on obtaining employment we recommend you visit
You also may be interested in further information regarding immigration to Canada, or Saskatchewan specifically. If this is the case, please visit the Government of Canada’s Immigration website at or the Government of Saskatchewan’s Immigration website at If you are interested in immigrating to Saskatchewan specifically, please pay special attention to the section regarding the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) which provides information on this quicker immigration process and the occupational areas it applies to. Job openings can be advertised in several places, including websites, newspapers, job fairs, and community bulletin boards.

Please note that it’s against the law in Saskatchewan for anyone to charge a worker money for finding them a job. Those coming to work in Saskatchewan through provincial or federal immigration programs, either on a temporary or permanent basis, are protected by The Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act (FWRISA).

Job Websites

Job openings in Saskatchewan can be found on the following websites. New jobs are posted regularly on the following websites, so you should visit these sites often.

  • is the largest job site in Saskatchewan. It lists job postings in entry-level, trade, professional and management positions. Jobs are listed by occupation and region.
  • Health Careers in Saskatchewan lists health care jobs with Saskatchewan Regional Health Authorities, as well as the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.
  • Saskatchewan Government Careers features jobs available with the provincial government.
  • The Job Bank is a Government of Canada website that helps you find jobs available across the country. It also includes information on licensing, training options, regulatory bodies, and wages.
  • Other websites with Saskatchewan job listings can be found on

Employment Services

Before You Arrive

Develop skills for your job search and improve your workplace communication skills before you arrive in Saskatchewan.

  • Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA) delivers programs and services to help you find a job and understand the Canadian workplace so you arrive better prepared to enter the workforce.

After You Arrive

Some organizations in Saskatchewan can assist you in finding a job. They can provide information on job opportunities, help you prepare job applications, provide training and education and the resources (computers, printers, and fax machines) to help you with your job search.

  • SaskJobs – Career Services provides career and employment services to Saskatchewan people in need of information on career and job opportunities, as well as training and education at different locations throughout the province. The services focus on matching the skills of Saskatchewan workers with the skill needs of employers.
  • Regional Newcomer Gateways are welcome centres for newcomers arriving in Saskatchewan. They help you find the information, resources, and services you need to make your move to Saskatchewan a success. Find a Regional Newcomer Gateway close to you.

Building Canadian Work Experience

When searching for a job, having work experience in Canada may give you an advantage over other applicants. Employers may want you to have Canadian work experience because:

  • They want to know that you are familiar with the way things are done in Canada;
  • They want to know that you can operate equipment that is commonly used in Canada, as well as interact with customers appropriately; or
  • They may feel more comfortable assessing your skills in Canada rather than experience gained outside of the country.

Although it may be difficult to get Canadian work experience, there are several ways you can get this experience:

Part-time and Temporary Work

Part-time work refers to positions where you work less than 30 hours a week. It allows you to gain Canadian work experience and earn money while attending classes or caring for your family. You may also see jobs that are described as casual. Generally, this means that you do not work a regular schedule, but will be scheduled to work when you are needed.

Temporary work refers to a job that is available for a period of time, with a specific start and end date. Seasonal work means that the temporary job is available for a certain time of the year. Part-time, temporary, seasonal, and casual jobs are listed on a number of job websites.

Work Placement Programs

Work placement programs provide you with an opportunity to work for a short period in a workplace, sometimes without pay. This is an excellent way to get Canadian work experience and make contacts. You can learn more about work placement programs in your area by contacting your local Labour Market Service Office and your Regional Newcomer Gateway.

Transitional Jobs

A transitional job is different from your usual work, but it allows you to earn money while you are looking for other opportunities or waiting for certification in your occupation. For example, someone educated as a lawyer may find work as a legal assistant in a law office or with the government doing research and policy development. Transitional jobs can help you get Canadian work experience, make yourself known to employers, and improve your English skills.

Job Opportunities for Health Care Professionals

Saskatchewan has opportunities for health care workers in certain professions. Some are in high demand; while others may not be.

Check the job sites listed below to see what positions are available in your health care profession:

  • Health Careers in Saskatchewan is the provincial recruitment agency that helps job seekers find employment with the Saskatchewan regional health authorities and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.
  • The Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency provide most health services in Saskatchewan, either directly or through health care organizations.
  • is the largest job-posting site in Saskatchewan. It has job postings in entry-level, trade, professional and management positions.

Not all health professionals work in the public health care system. Many regulated health professionals work in private businesses. Examples of these professionals:

As examples, dentists set up their own businesses and often hire dental hygienists and dental assistants. Many private clinics offer physiotherapy services, and private diagnostic labs also employ health care workers.

You can start your job search before you come to Canada. If you already qualify for a license, or if you want to work in an unregulated position, you may be eligible for a temporary work permit.

How to Get a Work Permit

If you are not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, it is illegal for you to work in Canada without permission. In most situations, you will need a work permit. In order to qualify for a work permit, you will need to complete the following steps:

Temporary Work

  1. Find a job in Saskatchewan.
  2. The employer will need to apply to Service Canada for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) if they do not already have one in place.
  3. When an employer receives a positive LMIA, they can then hire a foreign worker.
  4. The employer will provide a copy of the LMIA to you to attach to your application for a work permit with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  5. If your application is approved by IRCC, you will receive a work permit and you will be able to move to Saskatchewan temporarily.

You can change your job at any time in Canada if you are on a work permit, but please note that:

  • Your employer may need to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment from Service Canada before you can start work in a different job.
  • You’ll have to get a new work permit for your new job.

If you are working in Saskatchewan on a temporary work permit and meet the eligibility requirements for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), you can apply for permanent residence while working temporarily in the province.

Permanent Work (applying from outside of Canada)

The key steps to obtain a work permit and become a permanent resident in Saskatchewan include the following:

  1. Find a job in Saskatchewan that meets the eligibility criteria of the SINP International Skilled Worker Category.
  2. Apply to the SINP. If you meet the criteria, you will be nominated through the SINP selection process.
  3. You will receive an SINP nomination certificate which you will need to apply for a work permit (the SINP Nomination Certificate replaces a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) in this process).
  4. If you receive a work permit, you can move to Saskatchewan temporarily.
  5. Submit an application for permanent residence to IRCC as a provincial nominee.
  6. IRCC will review the application.
  7. If the application is approved by IRCC you will be issued a Permanent Resident Visa.

See Work in Canada temporarily for information on applying for a temporary work permit.

Accompanying Family Members

If you are working in Canada on a work permit, it may be possible for your spouse (husband or wife) or common-law partner and children to come with you to Canada or visit you in Canada after you have arrived.

If your spouse or common-law partner and your dependent children want to work while they are in Canada, they must have their own work permit.

Contact the IRCC’s Help Centre for more information on accompanying family members.

You can find a whole lot of other companies in Canada looking for foreign workers like you to hire in the Jobs section of our website.  We always update our site with the latest job offers in Canada, you can find lots of Canadian companies willing to hire you to come to Canada and work for them.

All you need to do to get hired by a Canadian company is simply to apply for the available positions if you are qualified for the advertised positions, you will be interviewed and if you pass the interview, you will be employed. So what are you waiting for? Get started with your job application to the several Canadian companies we have published on our website, willing to employ you now.

You can get a sneak peek into these offices, scan through job opportunities that suit your qualifications and the location of the companies. You would be amazed how perfectly and easily you can find the job that you have always dreamed about.

Where to find job vacancies in Norway?

Tips for foreign job seekers. The majority of vacancies in Norway are listed on the Internet.

  • On Arbeidsplassen you can search for jobs, register your CV and record permanent jobs searches. The service is only in Norwegian. On you will also find the country’s most complete overview of vacant positions (Norwegian).This is constantly being updated with new jobs.
  • You can also search in various languages for jobs in Norway at
  • Many Norwegian companies have their own websites, and these sometimes advertise vacancies not featured anywhere else. Use the Norwegian on-line Yellow Pages to find addresses:
  • Most jobs are also listed on
  • You can also look for jobs in Norway on the website of the employment services in your home country.

Private recruitment agencies

Foreign job seekers have the option of signing up with private recruitment agencies. The recruitment agencies often specialises in particular industries and professions. The agencies are listed in the Yellow Pages on the Internet: (search for “rekruttering” or “vikartjenester”).

General job applications

Norway also has an informal market for job vacancies, i.e. vacancies that are not registered with any organisation or otherwise advertised. To pick up on these vacancies, one way is to send out general job applications to any company of interest. You should also make a follow-up call to the company after you have sent your application. If you want to send a general job application to selected companies. Remember to bring your CV, in Norwegian or English, with references and diplomas, etc. 

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