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Your contribution supports free education for everyone, everywhere and helps fund financial aid for learners.

What Your Donation Supports

The Special Education Scholarship Grants are designed to support children with disabilities to help parents pay their school expenses in an affordable public school in their local community. Expenses include items such as (1) tuition, (2) special education, (3) related services, and (4) educational technology.

School Feeling 

This program is intended to address the serious complications and symptomatic challenges induced by extreme hunger among vulnerable school children in most parts of sub-Saharan Africa. Many of the parents are hardly able to meet the basic food needs of their children. In consequence, the children go to school on an empty stomach daily. This is greatly affecting the performances of children in school and even accounts for one of the reasons why school children are dropping out of school. Those who remain in the classroom also hardly pay attention to teachings and most of the times even sleep in class while the lesson is ongoing.

Our Target Community

The Buduburam Refugee Settlement, formerly Liberian Camp was founded in 1990 during the heat of the Liberian Civil crisis under the Leadership of His Excellency Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings, then President of Ghana. The Camp is located 45 Kilometers away from Ghana’s capital, Accra and in the Gomoa East District of the Central Region.

It has since being manned by a Settlement Manager who is the official representative of the Government with supervision by the Ghana Refugee Board. The inhabitants of the community were originally farmers until the arrival of refugees from Liberia.

UNHCR estimated that about 46,000 refugees from Liberia had settled at the camp. Since then, they have had an informal integration with the community and the farming activities had been concerned with producing foodstuff for sales to the refugees. The refugee camp itself has been officially closed down as UNHCR has withdrawn all services previously benefited by the community. Thousands of refugees have been repatriated to Liberia though returnees’ complaints of lack of funds to enable them to start a new beginning. Based on feedback from these returnees, some opted to officially integrate into the Ghanaian society citing various reasons such as:

  1. Lack of funds for a new beginning upon their return to Liberia.
  2. Loss of connecting families with whom they could stay to start lives. This is because the over twenty (20) years of exile life strongly supports the evidence that most of these young ones were either
  3. brought to Ghana at a tender age or were born here
  4. Fear of unknown Presently, hundreds of these children who could have been processed into responsible upbringing are loitering around the settlement aimlessly

Financial Assistance

Support us financially to assist learners who cannot afford to pay their tuition and feeding fee to do so.

Make A Donation

Every dollar makes a difference. In fact, a contribution of just $10 per week can feed 7 pupils a day; $50 per week will purchase eight pairs of shoes and eight backpacks; and $100 per week will provide four months of food to a family of ten through their local food bank.

100% of your donation will go directly to children and families in need.

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