Make a choice between 1-on-1 personal session or full class intensive setting.

1-on-1 personal session
Our 1-on-1 personal sessions designed for you to improve virtually all aspects of your day trading endeavors. Our experts are awaiting you with years of experience under their belts, and an eagerness to help you strive forward like never before. This program is designed to suit each individual student ensuring they are getting the most of their training. This session is meant for individuals who can’t make time for the normal training sessions but want the pace according to their own time and schedule. Included in this course is a Two Hours mentorship Session with one of our mentors.

Time: Depends on your schedule

Our Full Class Intensive Setting

The Global Markets Course was developed to teach you how to become a professional Forex trader, how to understand and trade commodities, and how to trade major EU stocks successfully. This stock market day trading course will help you become financially independent, work from home, and earn a living as a trader. No previous knowledge required. This class session is a one Month-Monday, Wednesday and Friday- intensive hands on training. Maximum number of people per class is 3 . This allows the facilitator to have maximum time for every student and make sure they get to understand forex trading.
Morning: 9:30am – 12:30pm
Afternoon: 1:00pm – 3.00pm
Evening: 5:30pm – 7:30pm

A “LIVE” Trading account is opened for you to start trading immediately for you to have a feel of real market trading.
Also, you get Course Books & Certificate at the end of your training. Please call: +233 573 089 493, Whatsapp: +233 546 292 712