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CHFM ® Chartered Financial Manager is a USA Registered Trademark 

ChFM ®  – This highest financial manager and financial planner qualification is certified by the Academy of Financial Management ® and is recognized in more than 150 countries and by over 800 universities globally.

Course Overview

The Chartered Financial Manager  ® Professional ™ qualification is designed to equip managers with the financial skills required to make an important contribution to the development and maintenance of the financial function within organizations of all sizes.  The Master Financial Planner Professional™ Program , examines innovative financial approaches that strengthen measurement, communication, and implementation of strategic plans. Participants develop a deeper understanding of a company’s economics – from markets and competition to financial performances and strategy. Most importantly, attendees can leave the program prepared to leverage their organization’s financial position for maximum corporate gain. More than ever before, it has become imperative for finance managers to understand the issues, tools and techniques that drive financial decision-making within the firm. They cut across every aspect of the firm: its operating strategy, competitive strategy and its investment strategy, addressing such critical issues as:

• Analyzing and interpreting types of investments

• Financial planning

• Creating value for clients ?

• Assessing the cash flow and cost of capital

• Finance and investment fundamentals

• Impact of economics on financial markets

• Interpretation of financial statements

• Management and leadership skills required for Master Financial Professional today

Who Should Attend This Chartered Financial Manager ™ Course

• Financial Advisors and Planners

• Private Bankers

• Wealth Managers

• Retail Branch Managers

• Corporate Account Managers

• Family Office professionals

• Brokerage and Market Analysts

• Investment Advisors and Financial Planners

• Investment Managers and Analysts

• Stock Market Professionals

• Portfolio and Asset Managers

• Financial Marketing Professionals

• Heads of Financial Accounts

• Financial Controllers

• Operation and Planning Managers

Benefits Of Attending This GAFM ® Chartered Financial Manager Certification Course

  • Effectively measure and implement strategic direction
  • Develop strategic decision models for improved financial management
  • Identify and forecast key value drivers and link them to financial strategy
  • Leverage your company’s financial position for maximum corporate gain
  • Gain knowledge from the top AAFM faculty of experts
  • Add AAFM membership and certification to your resume
  • Qualifications, Certification
  • Completion of this course entitles the executive to receive the academic designation of Master Financial Professional™ or MFP™. This core qualification certified by the American Academy of Financial Management, is recognized in more than 150 countries and by 1000 accredited business programs universities globally.

Course Topic Coverage

Financial Markets I

Finance And Market Fundamentals

• Challenges for financial sector professionals in the 21st Century

•Introduction to the American Academy of Financial Management and the core qualification the Master Financial Professional™

Financial Markets II

Finance And Investment Fundamentals

• Fundamental principles and theories underlying the operation of financial

markets globally

• How market theory and operation adapted to the changes in global economic

performance from the depression, through to the crash of the 80s and the dot

com boom and bust

– Finance and investment fundamentals

– Securities and options markets

– Corporate debt and debt hybrids

Markets, Funds, ETFs, And Index Principles

• Overview of the structure of money markets and assessment of market


• Review the creation of Bonds, Hedges and Futures, along with Foreign

Exchange fundamentals (pegs, devaluations, floating) that have changed

with the impact of the gold market

– Bond, derivative and money markets

– Foreign exchange

– Hedge funds

Business Finance

• Overview of business vehicles for operation in the corporate environment

• Review the various finance mechanisms for supporting aggressive growth in

the corporate sphere

– Business vehicles

– Financing needs and techniques

Accessing Finance (Business Finance II)

• Overview of accessing financing for corporate development

– Debt and equity finance

– Accessing stock markets – Primary and Secondary

Market Economics

This session will provide an overview of market economics and the effects of key influences such as government policy, federal reserve announcements and deficit/surplus budgets.

• Impact of economics on financial markets

• Understanding impact of economic statements

• Understanding effects of political events on markets

Financial Analysis And Valuation

The expert will present a structured approach to understanding corporate financial results presented through SFC financial statements. He will show attendees the appropriate formulas, systems and ratios for evaluating the performance of a company along with an explanation of the critical relationships between the balance sheet, profitability and cash flow.

• Interpretation of financial statements

• Financial ratios

• Relationships between balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow


Market Regulatory Requirements, Laws and Ethics

The expert will call on extensive experience in corporate regulatory compliance to present attendees with a detailed review of the regulated market. Included in this is a review of regulatory bodies overseeing the financial services sector, regulator’s responsibilities applicable laws, rules and ethics imposed on institutions and professionals.

• Regulatory framework and underlying principles

• Role and responsibility of securities regulator

• Role and responsibility of exchange operator

• Property laws and laws of contract

• Conduct rules and ethics

Managing And Marketing Financial Services And Products

In this session, delegates will be presented with a view of professional development and management leadership skills required for the Master Financial Professional in today’s business environment. Included in the workshops are exercises and case studies for development of product and pricing plans; marketing and branding elements of product development and promotion; and client relationship management for high-net worth clientele.

• Managing professional staff

• Organizational issues and strategies

• Marketing and brand issues

• Business development

• Understanding individual client needs

Managed Funds

In the final topic of this 5 Module Program, the expert will present an overview of managed funds and basic overview of investment management for relationship clients within the institution.

• The role of managed funds

• The structure of funds

• Fund types and role of funds for client needs

Capstone Conclusion

  1. Investing
  2. Taxation
  3. Estates and Property
  4. Insurance Risk
  5. Retirement
  6. Financial Planning


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Designation Essentials
Status Currently offered and recognized by the issuing organization.
Issuing Organization Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM)
Qualification and Educational Requirements
Prerequisites Three years of experience in financial management or related industry
Education Requirements GAFM-approved degree (graduate or undergraduate) in finance, tax, accounting, financial services, law or a CPA, MBA, MS, PhD, or JD from an accredited school or organization
Examination Type None
Continuing Education Requirements 15 hours per year
Verification, Complaints and Accreditation
Check Professional Status Online Email info@forexlearnersacademy.com
Investor Complaint Process Member Discipline and Complaints
Published List of Disciplined Designees None
Accredited By TUV Accredited, ISO 9001 Certified, ISO 29990 Accredited Training, CHEA Quality Standards Compliance, ACBSP Accreditation Agency Approved Certification for graduates of business schools
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