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Mastering Trend Trading

September 4, 2020 @ 11:00 am 3:30 pm GMT

$50 Trend trading is a forex and CFD strategy that tries to capture profits through the trend analysis of momentum. This allows for investments in both the up and down market. The theory behind trend trading is using technical indicators such as moving averages to determine overall direction.

This type of trade generally does not wait for specific entry points but instead participates during the trend. Trend trading still takes into consideration the market price, volume, and risk-reward ratios. Further technical analysis can help determine minor corrections along with the trend. It is similar to swing-trading, but positions are generally held for a more extended period. You must be comfortable sitting through any pullbacks and possibly periods of little activity or sideways movement. The first step in mastering this strategy is to understand a trend and the rules that govern patterns. Learning to draw an adequately validated trendline can help in all of your trading.

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