The GAFM IBS International Board of Standards, Supreme Council  and Honorary Global Advisors are currently made up of international experts, professors, and business executives from over 50 nations.

The Board structure and framework is dictated by US Laws Statutes and International regulations since inception.

  1. National Accredited Standards – We have the highest certification standards in the world as per our ACBSP accredited business school exams and course policies & framework.
  2. We are ESQ Accredited in Europe
  3. We have been TUV Accredited – ISO 9001 Certified for Quality 2014-20
  4. We are the First Graduate Certification Body in the world to earn: ISO 29990 Certification for Training Standards Worldwide.
  5. GAFM and IBS are the first Certifying Body to earn the prestigious ISO 21001 Certification for Educational Bodies from European Accreditation Agency.
  6. CHEA Quality Group Standards – Founding Signatory Organization
  7. Recognized by the Arab Leagues Academy and China Financial Management Association.

Sincerely and Kindest Regards,

Commissioner Dr. jur. George Mentz, JD, MBA, CWM ® – The Founder, GAFM ® Board of Standards – CEO, – Pioneer of the GAFM ® /IBS Brands * United States & Europe. (US Commission 2019-22)

* Under US and International Law – advisory board and board advisors do not legally speak for any corporation or entity under company law.  Boards of Directors and Managers of Limited Companies are regulated under US  and International law as the persons who may legally manage or make material decisions for a company. Mentz served as a US Commissioner for Education 2019-2021

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