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Q. What is Forex Learners Academy all about?

Forex Learners Academy teaches and prepares students to become professional traders. Whether you have never traded before, or would like to improve your trading techniques, this program will teach you the secrets of the active trading world, with an emphasis on technical analysis, risk management, fundamental analysis, market psychology, and the use of case studies. If you’re interested in building a career in financial trading or you want to become a successful day trader at home and do not have any effective trading strategies, this program will help you accomplish both of these goals.

Students have the ability to create their own schedule on a weekly basis. We recommend scheduling 3-4 session per week for beginners and 2-3 session a week for advanced traders. Lessons are taught Monday – Friday, in mornings, afternoons, evenings & weekends. Home tuition is available as well. In-between sessions we encourage students to practice trading to gain the most out of the course. At the beginning of each session, your instructor will analyze your previous trades to identify good trading habits, as well look for any mistakes you might be making early on.
You can get, handy forex tools like the economic calender, downloads of resource materials, and courses, and finally, trading News and Insights articles covering market commentary, analysis, trading strategy and more!  All that for free!   And did I mention our trading quizzes?  They’re super sweet!

Q.  l want to learn forex and cryptocurrency trading, how do i get started?

If you’re eager to start learning about forex & cryptocurrency trading, we suggest that you make your way over to Forex Learners Academy, our very own guide for teaching beginners how to trade the foreign currency exchange market. We start you off in Preschool, teaching you the basics of Forex & Cryptocurrency, and from there you’ll learn more complex subjects all the way to Graduation. This is all done at your own pace.  To compliment the learning at Forex Learners Academy, we also provide regularly updated News and Insights articles, a community of traders where you can exchange questions and answers with other registered members.

Q. How do l join Forex Learners Academy?

Click on Login at the top corner on the website.
Use an existing email address or a social media account to register for an account, or you can come to our office to pick a form and register,  Simple and completely free!

Q. Do l need an account to use Forex Learners Academy?

It depends. If you want to read News and Insights articles, follow discussions in Forums, download resource materials, take a quiz, or check out the latest calendar events, no account is necessary.

If you want to post and reply in the Forums, and receive notifications about people and topics you want to follow, you definitely need an account. But it’s all free. Join Free!

Q. Does Forex Learners Academy offer Home Tuition?

For those who are very busy and want Home or Office Tuition or stay outside Greater Accra and cannot come to the training centre we have you covered with the very best personal Forex coaching. He will visit you at your home or office and spend an entire day teaching you the best full Forex trading system. This is for traders who only want the very best. Live tuition just for you and we progress at your own pace.

The benefit of taking the course at your home or office is that you will learn to trade in the same environment that you will be trading in after the course. Together, we will study each section of the course and strategy. We will go through each part of the strategy so that you can then practice taking your own trades using historical data and live charts. This is the best way to get confident and profitable with trading.

Q. How long is the program?

We have ONE month tuition which goes for student who wants to work in the financial sector, having a Forex or Cryptocurrency certification is an added advantage to enhance your resume, you will be certified as a Forex or Cryptocurrency Trainer/Analyst or Fund Manager,etc. This certificate comes from our Foreign partners and you will write an exam with pass rate of 70-80%.

Also, the THREE weeks program is for those who want to learn it and use it on themselves ie. earn passive income daily, you will be awarded certificate of completion.

Q. How do l pay for tuition?

You are required to pay 70% of tuition fee and when you are about to complete the course you pay the rest of the 30%, you either come to our office or we can come to your office or home which ever way it will be at your convienece, you will fill a form and you will be given a receipt as a proof of payment, likewise you can pay through our partner bank and whatsapp us with the receipt.

Q. What are the requirement?

All You Need is a Smartphone or Laptop or Desktop and Internet Connection, Trade Anytime & Anywhere.

Q. How much do l need to start trading?

Forex & Cryptocurrency trading is considered one of the fastest ways to make money at home. It’s a great work from home opportunity for anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding career. One is to be a real trader by actually investing money to trade. You will need a portfolio and fund it with an investment of as little as $30.

Q: I am a beginner trader, should I take the course?

You are actually very lucky as long as you have the right mindset. It is during this early learning stage that a lot of the very bad habits are learned and ingrained and you have a great chance never to learn them in the first place. 

You have a great chance to get a great mindset and learn step-by-step like we have discussed in previous lessons. Our beginner course starts at the basic stage and steps through to progressively more advanced. 

Q: I have tried and traded with a lot of other strategies. I am worried I will have bad habits.

We know a lot of students come having traded and tested a lot of other strategies,  tried other course, indicators and products..

And yes; this is a good and bad thing. A good thing as they are getting education and improving, but bad thing as the bad habits are ingrained at times and it  can be hard for some traders to let go of what they are holding onto even though they are making repeated losing trades doing what they are doing.

When you signup, just remember why you signed up and that what you were doing was not taking you where you were aiming to go with your trading.

Q. What benefits will l get from Forex Learners Academy?

- Free modules

- One-on-one mentorship

- Free access to Wi-fi

- Free practice account of $5,000,000 

-Access your trading account statement 24/7

-Daily news feed on global market trend

- Free softwares to trade with

- Free signals to boost your profits

- $30 - $1,000 real money to trade with if you do not have capital to invest, profit can be redrawn within 7 days

- You can trade currencies, stocks, commoditities, indices and cryptocurrencies

- Ability to make unlimited profits / loss

- Free live webinars to join, etc.....

"Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it."
Publilius Syrus


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