While enrolled in an online MBA or Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership program, students learn tips to create productive management policies. This paired with the valuable skills they pick up from the workplace helps equip postgraduates for a variety of lucrative careers. Strategy managers are sought after by many companies from startups to international management agencies.

Top three gainful careers well-suited for postgraduates with a Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership degree or MBA include:

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

― Malcolm X
  1. Operations Managers:

Operations managers are executives looking over multiple departments. They are also called chief operating officers (COO). As of 2020, operations managers earn an average of $104,690[1] per annum. Their job is to implement cost-effective approaches that don’t hamper quality, yet yield high revenue. They ensure best practices in the legal department, HR, product distribution and more.

A Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership or MBA prepares postgraduates for such a distinguished position.

  1. Business Analyst:

These experts work with various businesses to improve working procedures. Using what they learned during the MBA or Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership program, they research the competition. And provide strategies to the client on ways to improve operations. Postgraduates integrate their experience, comprehension of the institutions’ requirements and modern technology. Then provide management strategies for enhancing the economic growth of the enterprise.

In the fast-paced business world, corporations are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their systems. Hence, management analyst jobs are expected to grow by 11% in the next 10 years[2]. This is much faster than the average growth in jobs.

  1. Alliance managers:

Postgraduates with mastery in strategic management are in demand as alliance managers. This position is especially important for international businesses. The primary duty of the manager is to grow the organizations’ ties with their partners and donors. So he/she works on effective strategies to maintain mutually beneficial relationships to increase the agency’s long-term profits.

To excel in this field, you need a very detailed understanding of the employers’ goals. And methodical procedures to deal with people in the business world.  An MBA or Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership program prepares you for just that. Postgraduates can earn up to $150,000 annually[3] as alliance managers.

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In conclusion:

Entrepreneurs looking to build a business can benefit from this masters’ program. Customer insights advisor, innovation manager and strategy advisor are some more jobs that postgraduates are apt for.

Other than these careers, a masters’ degree also aids your admission in a doctorate (PhD) program. This will help you gain in-depth knowledge of your field. And allow you to teach graduates or postgraduates in your speciality.

masters’ degree is conducive to advancing in your career and securing your position in the job market. So, apply for an online masters’ program today and begin your higher education journey!

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