Forex Learners Academy’s dynamic Learn Center is designed to empower newcomers and first-time forex traders who want to learn forex trading quickly and in the most efficient way to explore who their training or mentorship would be like.

Forex Trading Course

The forex trading course is a brilliant information that empowers both beginners and experienced traders to trade the markets with confidence. With 11 chapters of solid trading material covering a variety of important topics, this trading course is not to be missed! A handful of the many subjects explained in our trading course are:

  • Supply and demand theory
  • Fibonacci trading
  • Support and resistance
  • Different trading styles
  • How to use various indicators
  • How to actually make money, etc.

Forex Trading Strategies

To make serious money with forex trading requires careful planning, discipline, perseverance, good risk management, and of course, excellent trading strategies. Retail traders are indeed able to beat the big boys (institutional players) at their own game. However, this isn’t done without some rigid artillery. Make sure you acquire the right strategies to give you enough firepower!

  • Fundamental forex strategies
  • Technical forex trading strategies
  • Popular forex strategies
  • Forex strategies articles
  • Forex risk management and more.


This absolutely phenomenal new asset class has attracted billions of dollars of investment capital. The cryptocurrency market is here to stay! A remarkable aspect of many cryptocurrencies, is the extreme pace at which their value has increased. Also, the severe volatility of cryptocurrencies makes them hugely popular, especially to investors with a big appetite for risk and exponential gains.

FLA’s essential cryptocurrency guide investigates the following themes (and more):

  • What are cryptocurrencies?
  • How to trade cryptocurrencies successfully
  • How to choose the best cryptocurrency brokers
  • Trading and other info on the largest cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, ether, litecoin, dash, ripple, etc.

Social Trading

Social trading has taken the investment world by storm! Millions of investors and traders have recently engaged in social trading around the globe. This should come as no surprise when all the great benefits of social trading are considered, though. Here are a few of the advantages that make social trading significant:

  • No trading experience required
  • ‘Peek’ right into popular investors’ portfolios
  • Negligible time required
  • Sit back and let the professionals do the trading for you!

The following information (and more) is available in our social trading guide:

  • How to choose the right traders to copy
  • Finding the best social broker
  • More about our broker, the giant in social trading

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