CEC – Certified E-Commerce Consultant™

CEC – Certified E-Commerce Consultant ™

A Certification Listed and Featured in the New York Times for over a Decade. All holders of this credential must have a solid knowledge of e-Business and CEC Body of Knowledge as constructed ICECC Institute.

By Attending This Program

Attendees of this program will learn about cutting edge issues related to: e-business, eMarketing, eManagement, Entrepreneurship, e-Legal, e-Ethics, e-Finance, e-Security, eLeadership, and Professionalism.

Who Should Attend?

This highly practical qualification has been specifically designed for senior level project management professionals including:

• Organizational e-Business Managers

• Team Leaders

• IT Professionals

• Executive Directors

• Operations Directors

• Program Managers

• Research and Development Officers

• Management Consultants and other Contractors Plus anyone who is involved in e-business or IT project management, or anticipates being involved in e-projects in the future. This program is designed specifically to suit a broad range of professionals, as the program deals with technical project methodologies with a large emphasis on people and soft skills.

The CEC  Training Style

This program is delivered using “blended learning”. This involves classroom lecturing, highly intensive case study/role playing reviews, classroom interaction and feedback, and one-on-one coaching from the facilitator.

Topics for the Course Include:


• Foundation of electronic commerce

• Definitions and content of the field

• Benefits and limitations

• The driving forces of electronic commerce

• Impact of e-commerce: everything will be changed


• Retailing in electronic commerce

• Direct marketing

• Online customer service

• Electronic intermediaries

• Reactive electronic department stores

• Internet and extranet

• Architecture of the internet, intranet, and extranet

• Internet software

• Applications of intranets

• Intranet application case study

• Considerations in intranet development

• Extranet products and services

• Applications of extranets

• Business models of extranet applications


• Internet consumers and market research

• Building customer relationship

• The consumer behavioral model

• Personal characteristics and the demographics of the internet surfers

• Consumer purchasing decision making

• One-to-one and relationship marketing

• Delivering customer service in cyberspace

• Market research for e-commerce

• Intelligent agents for consumers

• Organizational buyer behavior

• Advertising in electronic commerce (methods and strategies)

• Economics and effectiveness of advertisement

• Online catalogs


• Procurement revolution at general electric

• Characteristics of B2B e-commerce

• Procurement management using the buyer’s internal marketplace

• Supplier-oriented marketplace: Cisco online case

• From traditional to internet-based EDI

• Integration with back-end information systems

• The role of software agents for B2B e-commerce

• Solutions of B2B e-commerce


• Strategic planning for E-Commerce

• Strategy formulation

• Critical success factors for E-Commerce

• Return on investment and risk anaylysis

• Electronic commerce strategy in action

• The steps to successful E-commerce programs

• Competitive intelligence on the internet

• Implementation: plans and execution

• Managerial issues


• E-commerce legal incidents: Contractual issues in Ecommerce

• Copyright infringement on the web

• Legal, Ethical, and other public policy issues

• Protecting privacy

• Protecting intellectual property

• Free speech, internet indecency, and censorship

• Other legal issues (domain name registration, proposals and bids, licenses, financial services, the use of cookies, and international protection)

Case studies and work group session: Develop a marketing launch plan

Review And Course Summary

Course Examination

Warning: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to five years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.

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Enrolled: 677 students
Duration: 50 hours
Video: 9h
Level: Beginner