Most working professionals choose to pursue a masters’ degree to move up the ranks at their workplace or for better monetary benefits. Aside from these outcomes, postgraduate studies also have various long term benefits that can help you transition from a mediocre job to a steady career.

The field of finance and accounting is growing. BLS predicts a 5% additional rise in finance-related careers by 2029[i]. As long as businesses operate and money exists, the field will continue to expand. So if you are passionate about a career in the finance industry, then you should consider investing in a Masters’ in Accounting and Finance program to benefit yourself in the long run.

Here are 3 reasons why a Masters’ in Accounting and Finance is worth your time and money:

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

― Malcolm X

1. Earn an edge

The field of finance and accounting is very competitive[ii]. Success is measured in terms of costs and profits. So outperforming your competitors is essential. After completion of the Masters’ in Accounting and Finance program, you will not only have gained specialized knowledge but also created a network of professionals in the industry. You can always revisit your notes for guidance or reach out to your connections for advice. Hence this masters’ degree gives you an advantage that will benefit you for years to come.

2. Excellent postgraduate prospects

In terms of employability and salary, postgraduates with a Masters’ in Accounting and Finance have excellent job outlook[iii]. Although advanced qualifications in any field improve your job prospects, a Masters’ in Accounting and Finance is especially advantageous; because it is ranked amongst one of the most in-demand[iv] and highest paying[v] masters’ degrees in the world.

To fulfil the need for adept accountants and finance experts, companies will make you attractive offers. This qualification will help you considerably to start a fruitful career in multinational companies.

3. Work in any business

Financial and budget analysts[vi], auditors[vii]accountants[viii] etc. are required by conglomerates and the government alike.  A Masters’ in Accounting and Finance will make you apt to work in the public and the private sector. Whenever you want to change your job, your masters’ degree will be your treasure.

In Conclusion

masters’ degree is a resource that you need to have in your arsenal if you plan on growing professionally. You should continuously further your education to protect your job during tough times, such as the 2021 recession due to COVID-19.

Online Masters’ in Accounting and Finance programs are offered by various well-renowned universities. And these are a great option for working professionals who want to advance their qualifications without removing themselves from the workforce.

As I mentioned above, the field of finance and accounting is a competitive one. Take advantage of the online platforms to gain insights into your field and earn a higher qualification. These will make you more marketable and increase your future job prospects!


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