The job outlook of  the health and social care management field is growing, with more and more felicitous career options opening up every year[1].  With a bachelors’ degree, you can start from an entry-level position.  And after about 2 years in a managerial role, apply for a Masters’ in Health and Social Care Management. A masters’ degree is instrumental in landing executive jobs.

Here are the top careers you can go for with a Masters’ degree in Health and Social Care Management.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

― Malcolm X
  1. Medical and health services manager:

Health service managers are experts who keep the hospitals functioning smoothly. The job requires a deep understanding of the healthcare policies and the efficacy of current programs. Managers overlook the budget and the impact of new laws on the day to day services. All the while ensuring efficient cooperation between all teams involved in patient care.

Job titles of medical and health service managers include Health Director, Clinical Supervisor and Hospital Administrator amongst others. These jobs are estimated to grow by an astonishing 32% with over 1,33,000 new jobs by 2029.

  1. Social and community service manager:

Social service managers are highly involved with the community. They work closely with the community leaders and public service providers. The main goal is to design effective strategies for the public’s well-being. This  involves researching the needs of a particular demographic and analyzing the data.  Then suggesting and implementing improvements for better service.

The average annual salary as of 2020 is $67,150. The Bureau of Labour Statistics data shows a 17% increase in jobs by 2029[3], which is much faster than average.

  1. Patient care coordinator:

These healthcare managers ensure that the best service is provided to the patients. They communicate with the physicians, nurses, family members and the patients to devise a care plan that works for everyone. The private healthcare industry  greatly values on patient satisfaction, so this field is expected to bloom.

29,000 new jobs are projected to open up in this field with an 8% rise[4] in the demand of patient care coordinators by 2029.

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In conclusion:

Ever since the privatization of healthcare facilities, many remunerative career options have opened up for postgraduates with a Masters’ in Health and Social Care Management.  The requirement of experts who  can effectively manage the business side of healthcare and social services is increasing.

You can also use your Masters’ in Health and Social Care Management to pursue a higher qualification such as a doctorate (PhD). Later, you can become an assistant professor

Apply for an online masters’ program to complete alongside a full-time job. And take advantage of this efflorescent industry.

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